Dance To The Spooky Halloween Skateboarders Music

Dance To The Spooky Halloween Skateboarders Music
November 3, 2017

Ding dong, the witch is dead! Okay, so she’s not so much dead as is ‘packed away in a cardboard box for another year’. Along with a severed arm, two dozen rubber spiders, a half-filed jar full of ‘eyeballs’, two plastic skeletons that’ll take an hour to detach from each other when we open the box next year and some sort of leathery book filled with arcane text. Klaatu barada-something or the other.


So yes, it’s over for now – the Twitter and Facebook channels have been exorcised of their pumpkin enthused regalia and everything is back to normal. However, that doesn’t mean that we here are fully done with things that go bump in the night. After all now that 360 degree cameras are far more common a lot of spooky content went up on the various video channels that utilised them. So we’ve got a couple we’re going to see before we head back to our more usual brand of videos.


The first has a touch of sport about it, as we’re checking out skateboarding.  The team from Los Angeles based production studio Super Deluxe – a independent division of Turner Broadcasting – take us to a pretty regular looking skate park to follow around one skateboarder in particular. However, as they start their run reality starts to twist and warp and soon all sorts of visual effects are flying everywhere. Who’d’ve thought skateboarding was so dangerous to the fabric of the universe?

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