The Chemical Brothers: Under Neon Lights VR Video

The Chemical Brothers: Under Neon Lights VR Video
April 14, 2017

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dig Your Own Hole, the Chemical Brothers have teamed up with Google and WebVR Experiments to release a virtual reality music video for “Under Neon Lights,” the St. Vincent-featuring track from their 2015 album Born In The Echoes. Created by Within’s Jono Brandel and Zach Richter, the result is a colorful animated VR experience. As Within explain:


“Under Neon Lights” is a psychological and physical coming-of-age story, framed around a girl whose world builds in neon color as she runs through the different environmental stages of her life. In the final act, she floats freely, which speaks to the theme of the song — letting go.


When you explore this one-of-a-kind music experience, the environment reacts to the music and to you. The visual narrative mirrors the track’s swirls and beats at every turn, but you determine those turns in real time. This is made possible by procedurally layering in environments that unfold based on how you interact with them.


“Under Neon Lights” is accessible anywhere there’s a browser — your smartphone, desktop computer or a Daydream VR headset. Just click here and dive in. Open source code and models from the project are also being hosted on GitHub, allowing anyone to play around with the animation timings, interactive film code structures and more. We invite all developers, animators and creators to look under the hood and sample, mix, morph and build anew.


Born In The Echoes is out now on Astralwerks. Watch/experience below. 

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