Check This Out! Beat Saber's Cinematic Trailer

Check This Out! Beat Saber's Cinematic Trailer
March 24, 2020

Hey there guys! I wanted to make this so I did... That's just how I roll. Basically, it went like this. I was leisurely playing Beat Saber one day (as I do most days) when a thought crashed into my head and sent me down a path that resulted in arguably irresponsible Amazon purchases and this video. The thought process went like this "what if I made a song played in Beat Saber as it was a cinematic trailer?" asked my left brain.


"How exactly are you going to do that, is it even worth it?" Questioned my right brain. "Easy! I will get multiple camera angles, someone to man a camera, set up mixed reality, use my fancy lights, dance my hardest and put all my best editing into three minutes!" Exclaimed my left brain excitedly.


"You're always doing this..." Grumbled my right brain as though it had given up. And POOF the left brain won out and here is this video. I hope you enjoy!

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