VR Short 'Uprise' Was Entirely Made With Oculus Rift

VR Short 'Uprise' Was Entirely Made With Oculus Rift
December 28, 2017

Seasoned artist and independent filmmaker D.J. Soto has announced that he has created an all-new animated short film titled Uprise to entertain the fans like never before. The most unique aspect of this short film by D.J. Soto is that it was created entirely using an Oculus Rift with the ‘Make It Film’ app. This filmmaking app was created by a developer named Muro, and D.J. Soto was the first to create a film using this groundbreaking app.


“Hollywood filmmakers have many technologically advanced tools like animation and motion capture at their disposal, but now these tools are available to anyone. This film demonstrates new possibilities for the indie filmmaker, which makes me really proud,” said D.J. Soto, while talking about his short film. “I have zero animating experience, but Uprise looks like a big-budget animated production. We are living in the best of times to experience innovation like this,” he added.


In addition, the artist created a behind-the-scenes video for the short film on YouTube. UPRISE is a great step towards the future of VR filmmaking, and it will certainly become a film to inspire the possibilities for an entire generation of upcoming indie filmmakers around the world.

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