Phil Tippett Brings Mad God To 360° Video

Phil Tippett Brings Mad God To 360° Video
November 13, 2017

Emanating from the brilliant and twisted mind of Academy Award winning visual effects craftsman Phil Tippett, the man responsible for the iconic Star Wars chess scene, the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park and much more, Mad God moves the intricate art of stop-motion animation into 360° virtual reality, immersing viewers in a dystopian subterranean netherworld populated by monsters, mad scientists, and war pigs.



Directed by: Phil Tippett

Producer: Blaise Panfalone

Executive Producers: Anthony Batt, Neville Spiteri

Director of Photography and VFX Supervisor: Chris Morley

VR Supervisor: Alex Hessler

Set Designer: Samantha Tippett

Editor and Associate VFX Supervisor: Ken Rogerson

Stage Manager: Andy Trickel

Animators: Tom Gibbons, David Lauer, Chuck Duke

FX Animator: Joseph Hamdorf

Animatronic Designer: Eric Leven Compositor: Colin Epstein

VR Engineer: Dan Rolinek, Alex Seiden

Sound Designer: Neal Hoover, John Dunlap

PR Specialist: Niketa Roman

Systems Engineer: Matt Smyj

Kaleidoscope VR Developer: Michael Breymann

Kaleidoscope Producer: Rene Pinnell

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