In The Eyes Of The Animal: The Dragonfly

In The Eyes Of The Animal: The Dragonfly

In the Eyes of the Animal, a journey through the food chain, is an artistic interpretation of the sensory perspectives of three British species, in a series of three videos – this video explores the forest from the viewpoint of the Dragonfly.


Originally a live virtual reality installation, the project has been developed into a new online experience, available to watch at and via YouTube on mobile and tablet.


Credits: In the Eyes of the Animal was commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices and Forestry Commission England's Forest Art Works. The online edition was created in partnership with The Space. Produced by Abandon Normal Devices and Marshmallow Laser Feast. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Forestry Commission England.


If you are experiencing difficulties viewing the video in 360° on mobile or tablet, please check the following:
- Play the video through the YouTube App, not through a web browser, select the highest resolution in settings.
- Check your device has a gyroscope, responsible for the 360° simulation, not all devices have the capability to play 360° videos.

*This is is a 360 video export, but from the full interactive VR experience with high resolution display and haptic feedback make sure you visit us at one of our many tour dates. These are also accessible from the website

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