Sound Of VR #7: Doctor X - Blood Of A Poet

Sound Of VR #7: Doctor X - Blood Of A Poet
February 5, 2017

Gifted poet, designer, painter, movie maker and playwriter Jean Cocteau spent his whole life (brilliantly) demonstrating that there are many layers of reality.


Shot in 1930, 'Le Sang d'un Poete' is one of my favorite silent movies; many artists and musicians have been inspired by its images and this hypnotic composition by 'doctor x' is one of my favourite illustration of Jean Cocteau's dreamy art piece as it encapsulates the entire movie's mood in less than a minute.


Note that the scream in the doctor x sound score is part of the original movie 'soundtrack' (which had no dialogue but had some sound effects, and which music was originally composed by Georges Auric).

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