Sound Of VR #15: Molécule at Elysée Montmartre

Sound Of VR #15: Molécule at Elysée Montmartre
March 18, 2018

Molécule came back to France with "- 22.7°". This new project was born thanks to his last trip to Greenland, where he went as ar as beyond the Polar circle to record everyting that makes the greatness of nature: the breathing wind breathing, the cracking ice, the moving waves...  Ce nouveau projet est né d’une expérience de cinq semaines au Groenland.

A sensory experience he brought back live to the iconic Elysée Montmartre club in Paris on March 8, 2018; the live concert was realized in binaural sound while his 360 videos were played on a screen behind the artist. 

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