Sound Of VR #13: Maurice Ravel - La Valse

Sound Of VR #13: Maurice Ravel - La Valse
May 4, 2017

Tonight I dedicate this virtual reality musical jewel to a very special friend of mine. Maurice Ravel wrote 'La Valse' (The Waltz) in 1919 - nearly a century ago - and this extravagant masterpiece is a magnificent distortion of the classical waltz genre's most familiar components.


Beyond the whimsical, often delirious interpretation of Ravel, 'La Valse' is a brilliant act of abduction; the composer takes us to an epic universe where raving satire, poetic lies, and frantic romanticism reign, and where the semblance of civilization keeps falling apart in an eerily organized chaos.


This virtual waltz is pure genius, fantastically served by Yuja Wang's mind-bending, phenomenal performance.

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