VR Stars In China's New Film-based Theme Park

VR Stars In China's New Film-based Theme Park
May 31, 2019
A virtual reality roller coaster will see visitors wearing headsets and soaring through ancient Egypt. Image: Lionsgate


A brand new amusement park will open in China in July, and its rides and experiences will be themed around various popular film franchises.


Lionsgate Entertainment World is due to open in July as part of a large destination called Novotown on Hengqin Island, which is located in Zhuhai. According to the Associated Press, the indoor park will feature rides, shops and attractions set in the worlds of popular Lionsgate films. The studio is calling it the world’s first vertical theme park, and it will be located in a building that is ten storeys-high.

A new vertical theme park will open in China based around various popular film franchises. Image: Lionsgate via AP


Guests will get to enjoy a virtual reality motorcycle ride, “Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride,” which is based on the film Twilight. Four riders will take a virtual ride with Jacob Black and a pack of wolves on a dirt-bike adventure through the moonlit woods, while an evil creature roams the area looking for blood. “Twilight Saga: Bella’s Journey” is an indoor amusement ride that highlights key moments from the films, including Bella Swan’s relationship with her vampire husband Edward Cullen and encountering The Volturi, the most powerful coven of vampires.

Lionsgate Entertainment World will feature 25 rides and virtual reality experiences. Image: Lionsgate


Another attraction will see guests attempting a maximum-security prison breakout, like the plot of the movie Escape Plan. They will face a climbing challenge course and will crawl through tunnels to escape to freedom in “Escape Plan: Prison Break.” Over at the Gods of Egypt section, a virtual reality roller coaster will see visitors wearing headsets and soaring through ancient Egypt during an epic battle between good and evil.

A rendering of Lionsgate Entertainment World in China. Image: Lionsgate via AP


There will also be a replica of The Capitol lobby from The Hunger Games, where visitors can get their hair, make up and nails done to look like a citizen of the hit four-part film series.  There is a motion simulator 3D ride experience called “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape,” where riders board a vehicle that gets picked up by a hovercraft that flies through The Capitol. The restaurants in this area will feature dishes inspired by the film’s various districts.

Visitors can get their hair and make up done in The Capitol lobby from The Hunger Games. Image: Lionsgate


The theme park will also include immersive attractions based on the movies Divergent and Now You See Me. Head office Lionsgate, which is based in Santa Monica, expects that around 1.5 million people will visit the park this year.

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