TrueVR Reveals 10-Player VR Arcade App Tikal

TrueVR Reveals 10-Player VR Arcade App Tikal
March 14, 2019

Location-based VR allows multiple people to jump into the same virtual space. That’s not something that’s really possible at home. Everyone would need a PC and you’d probably just spent an hour bumping into each other. But, so far, we’ve only seen groups of around four people in VR at the same time. The Void, for example, only allows groups of four. Zurich-based TrueVR wants to bring up to 10 people into VR at once.


The company this week announced Tikal: Night of the Blood Moon, a full body VR arcade experience. The app uses motion capture, physical props and 4D effects to teleport players into an ancient temple. You play as a group of explorers looking to stop an ancient evil from awakening.


The experience is played over approximately 2,100 square feet. Users wear an Oculus Rift, tracked by OptiTrack’s location-based solution. In VR, they’ll work together to progress through the temple, trekking through caverns and over lava. The trailer reminds us a little of Escape the Lost Pyramid, the Assassin’s Creed tie-in VR experience from Ubisoft.


This will be TrueVR’s fifth VR arcade experience. In the past, the company has worked on a shooter called Patient Zero and other puzzle titles like Cube and Temple of Diamond Skull. Locations span from Switzerland to Chile.


Tikal will first appear at Dreamland Virtual Reality in London, Ontario, Canada on April 1st. TrueVR will then bring it to a new VR center launching in Switzerland early on in the month. No word about possible releases in the US and UK just yet.

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