Sandbox VR Creates Star Trek Holodeck Experience

Sandbox VR Creates Star Trek Holodeck Experience
Step inside the holodeck with Sandbox VR’s first Star Trek virtual reality adventure.


Fans of the Final Frontier can finally boldly go into the holodeck when Sandbox VR opens the first Star Trek: Discovery virtual reality experience.


Ever since it was first introduced over 30 years ago on Star Trek: The Next Generation, trekkers have dreamed of exploring the holodeck, an fictional precursor to today’s virtual reality that could simulate any environment imaginable. Now, as originally reported by Variety, CBS Interactive has partnered with Sandbox VR to launch Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission.


Sandbox VR’s Star Trek experience will allow up to 6 players to enter the Trek universe, where they can use phasers, tricoders, and the holodeck itself. Star Trek: Discovery Away Missionwill debut at current Sandbox VR locations in Hong Kong, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. It is also scheduled to come to new locations currently under development in New York, Austin, San Diego and Chicago.


Here is a video teaser for the upcoming Star Trek holodeck experience:

The experience tasks players with visiting an ice moon to locate a lost spaceship. Players are guided by Star Trek: Discovery’s starfleet officer Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman), through the nearly 30 minute adventure. The game focuses on collective problem solving, but does feature some combat scenarios. Thanks to full body motion capture, participants will be able to see themselves, and their friends, in VR, and can even look at one’s fingers, or give each other high-fives.

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