Platforma VR To Release Wave Circles In May

Platforma VR To Release Wave Circles In May
April 29, 2019

With the upcoming release of their new project, PlatformaVR has combined the fun of games, such as Just Dance,with virtual reality technology. Wave Circles not only allows you to dance to pre-made maps, but the studio has even taken the concept a step further. Players are allowed to also upload their own music, design their very own beat maps, and share their moves with anyone in the world. Check out the launch trailer announced in their recent Twitter post.


According to its Steam page, the game is expected to feature 10 songs and 20 beat tracks already included, for two levels of difficulty, normal and encore. However, the game also encourages players to upload their choice of music and create their own custom beat maps. You’re only limited by your imagination. You can perform crazy or relaxed maps for both available difficulties. These tracks can then be uploaded and shared with friends or anyone with access the game. The game is not designed for a specific experience level. The studio wanted to ensure that anyone would be able to quickly learn the basics and join the fun and sharing.


A prototype of the game was released for download on Currently, the game is only supported by the HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro headsets, as well as Oculus Rift. PlatformaVR mentions that we may get to see even more features after the completion of the game’s Early Access period.


We are going to have more music and difficulty levels. We will also have more game mechanics. We are going to add a sharing feature to make beat maps sharing easier. We will listen carefully to our players’ comments and requests and try to implement them in the game while it’s in Early Access.


Although no official release date has been revealed as of right now, Wave Circles will be available on the Steam Storesometime next month. You can stay updated on the game’s progress by checking out the studio’s Twitter page as well as the studio’s official website.

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