The Making Of 'The Enemy'

The Making Of 'The Enemy'
July 8, 2019


The Enemy is a free-roaming VR experience in which participants meet combatants from three conflict zones in a very emotional 50-minutes journey. It hosts 20 users simultaneously and spans more than 200 sqm. Released in 2017, it has been touring the world since.


Fabien Barati, CEO of Emissive and coproducer of the project, just released a big article full of information on the making of The Enemy.


You’ll learn about the conception of the experience, how the team managed to create realistic virtual human beings, the behavioral analysis of the participants and much more.


There are plenty of anecdotes covering the travels in dangerous areas of the world and the challenge of creating a multiuser free-roaming installation when VR backpacks where not yet available.


All in all, it is an incredible source if you want to know about the creation of a huge VR experience, from A to Z.

Here is an excerpt:

“Jean-Gabriel and I left with all the equipment on October 4th, 2015. We joined Karim and Selim who were already there for sighting purposes, helped by our fixer, Adolphe. After a (memorable) stopover in Amsterdam, where we were delayed due to bad weather, we finally arrived in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. But our equipment did not follow and was scattered between Paris, Amsterdam and... Istanbul. After 3 days waiting, we finally left for Goma, our final destination on the Congo side of the border.

We met Karim and Selim in the hotel where we were going to spend the week. As soon as he arrived, Jean-Gabriel transformed the living room of our suite into a studio. Everything was ready to receive the combatants.”


“Unfortunately, a full-powered laptop only has about ten minutes of battery life. So we couldn’t properly test the experiment in these circumstances.

Anthony, with whom we’ve worked for several years, designed and implemented a bespoke solution. The laptops were to be powered by an electric bike battery.

Anthony customized backpacks to fit the battery, an electrical transformer and the laptop computer, so that we could have several hours of battery life to work with! He even added a very useful switch on the top of the backpack to turn on the device. The only drawback was the weight: 11 kilos to carry for 50 minutes!”


Created by Karim Ben Khelifa, The Enemy is co-produced by Camera Lucida, France Télévisions, NFB, Emissive and Dpt.


You’ll find the full article on Emissive’s website:


The Enemy trailer :

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