Free-roam Corsair’s Curse Comes To VR Arcades

Free-roam Corsair’s Curse Comes To VR Arcades
March 9, 2019

Via Vertigo Game's location-based VR distribution platform.


In January Innerspace VR in partnership with Vertigo Games launched its surreal virtual reality (VR) title A Fisherman’s TaleNow they’ve announced their latest project, Corsair’s Curse. But rather than a videogame for home users, this is designed for the growing location-based entertainment (LBE) industry.

Corsair’s Curse is loosely based on A Fisherman’s Tale, offering a free-roam multiplayer adventure for the whole family. Supporting between two to four players, they’ll find themselves inside an enchanted galleon, with complete freedom to walk around the virtual location. In the same way, A Fisherman’s Tale play with size, Corsair’s Curse will make players either really big or really small.


Players will need to collaborate across dimensions, utilising their size to maximum advantage to solve the puzzles and escape the vessel with the Corsair’s prized treasure in hand.


“As the virtual gatekeepers of VR, arcades play an invaluable role in converting VR enthusiasts to VR customers,” said Richard Stitselaar, Managing Director at Vertigo Arcades in a statement. “Adding the spectacular Corsair’s Curse to our portfolio brings us another step closer to realizing our vision for making high-end free-roam multiplayer LB VR experiences available to arcades worldwide, arming them with the best that VR currently has to offer to attract customers, whether they are new to VR or own VR headsets at home.”

Corsair’s Curse isn’t just a VR experience. Depending on the location, the title includes optional support for 4D effects such as vibrating floors and wind effects to further improve the immersion.


Vertigo Arcades will be using its LB VR distribution platform for the title, with arcades able to access the experience this Spring, featuring support with a fully localized English and French Game Master console. Corsair’s Curse will be at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) 2019, being showcased for the first time.


When they reviewed A Fisherman’s Tale we gave it three stars, finding that: “A Fisherman’s Tale is in many respects the VR title VRFocus hoped it would be, inventive use of the technology that oozes heart and soul, making you care about the character and his astonishing little world. The main downside, it leaves you wanting more when there’s no more to be had.

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