Esqapes To Launch VR Massage In Las Vegas

Esqapes To Launch VR Massage In Las Vegas
Image via Esqape


Esqapes Immersive Relaxation, a subsidiary of Angeles Vista Creative Ventures Llc., plans to launch its virtual reality massage center in the SAG-Aftra Building in Los Angeles this July, according to a press release. The company uses a massage chair and VR headset to transport customers to a virtual relaxing environment.


Customers can select from ten different virtual "Esqapes" such as a tropical Koi pond, an ocean front resort or a snow-covered cabin. The solution also delivers cool or warm breezes across the room along with pleasing scents.


"The goal of Esqapes is to provide guests with a unique way to relax and take a break from the routines, responsibilities and daily issues that can cause anxiety and stress," Micah Jackson, creator of Esqapes, said in the release. "Esqapes is using VR in ways unlike any other company, which is to de-stress and help people relax.  With a combination of proprietary software, hardware and traditional wellness practices, Esqapes is offering the spa of the future, today!"

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