Concept AR Lamp Brings You Interactive Light

Concept AR Lamp Brings You Interactive Light
May 14, 2019

Swift Creatives, a Scandinavian industrial design studio came up with the concept AR lamp. As shown in the images, the smart lamp shows off minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetics, and the soft fabric and smooth lines bring stylish comfort into your room.

Meanwhile, a flexible mounting attachment allows you to install it on the wall or hang it on the ceiling. More importantly, the lamplight contains an interactive interface that allows you to control those compatible smart home devices like reminding you to pre heat your oven and calling up the controls to adjust the temperature. Moreover, it also helps you recognize items and provides guidance on servings sizes. As a part in your smart home system, the smart lamp should also connect with other compatible smart home devices so that you can effortlessly control them via the lamplight. After the break, check out the images about the concept.

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