3 AR Tools For Decorating Your Home

3 AR Tools For Decorating Your Home
March 25, 2019

Thank you, cutting-edge technology! Augmented reality apps have made it much easier (and more fun!) to carry out a range of tasks and activities. For example, one of these tasks is decorating the interior of your home thanks to these innovations at our fingertips.


Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to do just that. Check out three different apps that offer inspiration when you want to spruce up your space.


3 augmented reality tools for decorating your home

1. ColorSmart by Behr

Available on iOS and Android, Behr’s innovative app allows users to choose the perfect paint colors to suit their space. When you point your camera at a given wall, you can fill different sections with different paint colors to compare them and make the best decision. They also have a store locator feature to help you find the nearest Home Depot so you can get started on your project immediately.


2. Wayfair

It can be tough to imagine pieces of furniture in a given space and envision how they’ll go with the overall vibe of a room. Thanks to the Wayfair app’s View in Room feature, you don’t have to just imagine it — you can preview it! Use the feature by selecting a piece of furniture you’re interested in, and then tap the View in Room button under the picture of the item. Then just move your phone to look around the room, and you’ll be able to get an idea of what the piece would look like in your home. Pretty cool, right?


3. magicplan

Home improvement is made easy with magicplan! This app provides a virtual pin and grid that can mark corners of a given room and determine its dimensions. This makes it easy to get accurate and painless measurements of a space and allows for the simple design of a floor plan. This app also integrates well with Amazon, making it easy to get the necessary products to tackle a project.

Augmented reality apps are increasing in popularity — and for good reason! They do a great job in helping with home improvement projects to make your house the best it can be.

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