VR Bumpers Cars Attraction Comes To Germany

VR Bumpers Cars Attraction Comes To Germany
January 25, 2019

Race bumper to bumper in real time in VR.


Location-based entertainment (LBE) attractions are starting to really push the level of variety they can offer customers, from comedy puzzle titles like The VOID’s Ralph Breaks VR to realistic simulators such as Paraflight VR. Now it’s time for a classic fairground attraction to get the virtual reality (VR) treatment, with a VR bumper cars attraction opening in Germany soon.


The work of VR Coaster and Holodeck VR, the VR bumper cars attraction is called Steampunk VR Scooter and will be based at Erlebnispark Schloss Thurn in Heroldsbach near Nuremberg.


The ride will take visitors into a Wild West-style Arena where they will compete against each other with retro-futuristic steam engines. Guests will not only compete with each other but also against giant robotic enemies, so to help them there are additional extras and upgrades that players can pick up.


“With this world’s first VR Bumper Cars Attraction, we will once again open a new chapter in Location Based Virtual Reality.” says Prof. Thomas Wagner, Managing Partner of VR Coaster GmbH & Co. KG in a statement. “With the combined Know-How of the teams at VR Coaster and Holodeck VR, we were able to create an unprecedented, interactive VR experience, which holds some very exciting surprises!”

Benedikt Graf Bentzel, Owner of Erlebnispark Schloss Thurn, was excited about the idea and, together with the two companies, will now present this unique new kind of attraction to the world. “After the great reception of Bavaria’s first Virtual Reality Rollercoaster in our park three years ago, we will now upgrade another classical ride with VR technology. With this novelty, we will once again offer a unique experience to our guests,” says von Bentzel. “As a family-owned company, we stand for both family-friendly entertainment and sustainability. With innovative attractions like this, we keep up with cutting-edge entertainment technology and ensure a great future for our tradition-rich theme park.”


To experience the VR bumper cars you’ll need to head down to Erlebnispark Schloss Thurn from Saturday, 13th April 2019 onwards. VR Coaster will also have a new VR rollercoaster ride in the form of Dinolino’s VR-Ride.

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