Reshape The World With WRLDCRAFT AR Title

Reshape The World With WRLDCRAFT AR Title
November 5, 2018

WRLDCRAFT is a mobile AR title that will let users create their own world.


There are a number of mobile titles in development that let users take virtual ownership of a bit of an augmented reality (AR) world. Developer RunningPixel is wanting to go a little further and create a smartphone AR title that lets users reshape the virtual world.


Italian independent developer RunningPixel have announced WRLDCRAFT, which is intended to be a massively multiplayer, persistent open world anchored to real world locations.

The developers have announced that players will be able to build and dig in the open world for the first time when selected testers are given codes for an upcoming open alpha.


The intention is to create a massive AR sandbox where players can build and explore, on both iOS and Android. The title is voxel-based in order to allow players to turn the entire world into a multiplayer environment where players can claim zones, start building and get friends and family involved to contribute to various building projects.


An in-game economy will allow players to trade chunks of terrain with other players and become a trade prince, or visit virtual caves and explore in search of treasures, gems and gold or help out other players in massive building projects and leave messages and artwork for other players to discover.


WRLDCRAFT goal is turning the world in a democratic, community driven and open sandbox where everyone can express itself. In a few words: ‘reshape the world’. WRLDCRAFT wants make it persistent and anchored to the reality. Imagine going to Piazza di Spagna in Rome or Central Park in New York and see what people is building in that place. It is like another, alternative, reality.” says Alfio Lo Castro of RunningPixel.

WRLDCRAFT will be available on ARKIt and ARCore devices, and will soon be heading into the alpha testing stage. Those who are interested in taking part in open tests can visit the WRLDCRAFT website for more information.

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