Pros And Cons Of VR Casino Games

Pros And Cons Of VR Casino Games
November 23, 2018

Everyone knows that, in our contemporary world, technological progress becomes one of the main achievements of the mankind. It completely makes our lives easier. Even now, inventions which were new for us 10 years ago became obsolete. VR technologies are one of the most favorite, interesting and fascinating things that people have ever done. In the virtual reality, you can start new life with its opportunities.


For example, we can name playing games, watching videos and even trying slots online for free no download instant play. Of course, online gambling industry couldn’t pass by these things and started to make their own casinos in virtual reality. It would be hard to explain what VR is definitely means without special devices like Oculus Rift and others. But you shouldn’t forget about all the pros and cons of the VR gambling services to know what you need and needn’t do there.


See advantages of VR casinos & Games in it

Let’s start with advantages. To tell the truth there are a huge amounts of them. Casinos in virtual reality are a 3D program where players can feel themselves as real participants of the game in the real establishment. The developers of VR are trying to do all that they can to improve software and bring graphics on a new level where objects of casino will no longer differ from the real ones. This task is partly done with mentioned VR gadgets like Oculus Rift. So, it should be noticed that the main advantage of gambling companies in virtual reality is its atmosphere, where every person can think that he is in Las Vegas and winning a huge jackpot. While playing it, gambler can find out the following impressions like:


- The game affects the visitor visually, with helping of sound ant tactile(if you have special device)

- Effect of presence can be reached by using a huge variety of multiplayer game modes.

- Before playing you can create your own game avatar and choose the music that you like more from the list

- Voice feature and chat are also included, so you can communicate with other gamblers.

- Lots of updates and adding another games will make you interested for a long time.


So if we want to make a list of advantages of VR casinos, it would be look like that

- Feeling of real presence

- Communications with other gamblers

- Life chat with dealers

- VR is an opportunity to hide from problems of reality

- Real winnings, without even necessity of leaving your house

Disadvantages of gambling services in virtual reality

Continuing the article, it should be mentioned that there are some disadvantages that we need to tell you about. The first and the main problem of playing online casinos in virtual reality is that specialized gadgets are very expensive. You need to pay really big amount of your savings on devices like Oculus Rift, so you need to decide wisely do you want to buy it or not.


The second disadvantage is that you can’t see the emotions of the other players. Imagine that you play Poker in VR casino, but how you will see who of game participants are bluffing. And the last but not the least, is that many people literally understand the statement which say that VR is an opportunity to hide from the reality and many people spend all of their free time there. As the result their own life disappears at all.


How VR casinos impressed lots of gamblers

Many people who don’t know about some novice technologies ask, how VR casinos definitely work. The principle is based on the demonstration of video with the highest resolution and frame rate than the traditional online gambling services on the ordinary screen. Any movements of hands or heads appear without delay and provide the effect of presence.


Person who plays the game in the virtual reality feels like a real gambler at the table of Las Vegas casino. He or she can hear comments of rivals and with the special gloves, in addition to the helmet and glasses, feel the real tactile sensations. Moreover, you can stay in a VR casino as much as you want without any damage to your health. People who have ever played it say that they felt a complete immersion in the game. Most of them expressed their desire to return there again.

Well, as you can see, technological progress doesn’t stay on one point, it’s always in moving. Maybe in the future people will play casinos in the virtual reality without any devises. Who knows? But, it’s a real fact that now you can enjoy playing VR games at home, and it’s completely worth trying.

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