MAG Studios Is Remastering CDF Starfighter VR

MAG Studios Is Remastering CDF Starfighter VR
December 5, 2018

For those that love flying around in space in virtual reality (VR) MAG Studios’ CDF Starfighter VR, was one of the earlier experiences that made that a possibility. After an Early Access launch in 2016, this was followed by a fully released title in 2017. This week the studio has released new details of a remastered version of CDF Starfighter VR currently in development. 

Created by indie developer Shaun Williams, he has been working on improving things from the ground up, upgrading the visuals, AI and gameplay for fans.


Williams has just released two new videos for CDF Starfighter VR – Remastered showcasing the first two missions within the main campaign story mode. These certainly look glossier than videos of the current version.


Unlike VR Education’s Apollo 11 VR HD update which is an entirely separate title rather than an update, Williams’ remastered version won’t be a separate entity. The normal build on Steam will be updated during the summer next year, so if you own CDF Starfighter VR you’ll see the improvements for free when they arrive.

A purely single-player experience, CDF Starfighter VR was built specifically for VR headsets, compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The title is focused on space combat rather than role-playing game (RPG) elements where you deal with economies and character progression. Inspired by videogames such as FreespaceWing Commander, and Star Wars, there are four single-player game modes including a story campaign. Players have access to six different ships, each with their own specific roles which are upgradable in the story mode.

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