Lock And Load As Gun Club Comes To PSVR

Lock And Load As Gun Club Comes To PSVR
October 29, 2018

Gun Club VR recreates a realistic shooting range with a staggering array of different firearms and other weaponry to choose from.


When choosing gaming genres to translate into engaging virtual reality experiences, the first person shooter is an obvious choice. However, instead of going down the route of run and gun military action, The Binary Mill is instead aiming to create a shooting range weapons simulator in Gun Club VR.


Gun Club VR for PlayStation 4’s PS VR allows you to test-drive a wide range of weaponry spanning from shotguns to fully automatic machine guns. Attention to detail is key for simulators and this title boasts highly detailed models based on realistic ballistics. In-game weapons can also be customized using an array of scopes, laser sights, stocks, and extended magazines. On the other end of the scale, there are also throwing knives available along with the ability to punch targets that get too close.


Gun Club VR sees players unloading their firearms in a safe, non-violent environment taking out moving targets stylised as zombies, terrorists, and traditional bullseyes from within a large warehouse.


The Binary Mill, being no stranger to PS VR, will be launching Gun Club VR later this year for PlayStation 4.

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