Futuristic VR Playground Opens In Toronto

Futuristic VR Playground Opens In Toronto
November 5, 2018

Blur the lines between the real and virtual world.


Virtual Reality is taking over Toronto in a big way, and if you haven't tried it already, you absolutely need to. 


Throw on a VR headset and you can go nose to nose with a great white shark, weave between oncoming traffic or leap through space as you battle hostile alien creatures. You can do pretty much anything - no matter how impossible it seems - with VR, and if you haven't put the interactive experience on your radar yet, you're going to want to after seeing this new virtual reality playground in Toronto.

Via VRulez


VRulez is a groundbreaking virtual reality arcade that provides an unrestricted and fully immersive VR experience, allowing players to slay demons, explore deep jungles and pull off the world's most dangerous heists with a wide range of movement and no obstacles whatsoever. They have a huge variety of super fun virtual reality games that you can play alone or with friends - and one very special piece of equipment that you can't find anywhere else, no matter where you are in the country. 

This innovative VR company is introducing Canada's very first-ever KatWalk machine to seriously up your gaming experience (and change your life, too, if we're being honest here). What's the KatWalk, you ask? Basically, it's an omnidirectional treadmill that breaks the barriers between the real and virtual world. AKA, it makes EVERYTHING 100% more fun!

Via VRulez


With the KatWalk, gamers are no longer restricted to playing within a small area, so you can say goodbye to walking into walls or whacking your friend in the face while fighting off zombies. Instead, Canada's first-ever omnidirectional treadmill provides a solution to three major VR obstacles: space limitations, dangers of free movement and motion sickness. So feel free to walk, run, jump, sit or crouch - you won't run into anything!

And don't worry about looking stupid. On your first visit, VRulez staff provide the necessary training to kick virtual reality ass and look as cool as possible while doing it. In about 10 minutes, you will be ready to explore a new world, enjoy some seriously immersive gameplay and check off your exercise routine for the day. Not only does this machine combine exercise and fun and games, but it also makes for some pretty sweet Instagram shots.

Via VRulez


And if you love the game, you can bring it home! VRulez sells the KatMini, a smaller and lighter design that can fit in even the smallest of rooms. Players can freely turn around, walk, run, sprint, walk backwards, crouch or even get down to take cover and pick items up. Say goodbye to smashing into your living room table, and say hello to turning exercise into a fun activity! 

Via VRulez


Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto and coming to Richmond Hill in 2019, VRulez is the first arcade in North America to offer players the revolutionary KatWalk platform - so if you want to experience something completely unique and extremely fun, you know where you need to go. 


Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a single player or a group of players, you should definitely try this out!

Visit VRulez's websiteFacebook or Instagram page, or visit their downtown location to learn more.

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