3 Augmented Reality Dinosaurs Apps For iOS

3 Augmented Reality Dinosaurs Apps For iOS
November 10, 2018

I don’t know about you but I grew up loving dinosaurs. In those days, there was no augmented reality or smartphone to interact with virtual dinosaurs. Here are 3 augmented reality dinosaur apps that bring prehistoric creatures to your phone:


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Monster Park – AR Dino World: an augmented reality game that lets you view dinosaurs through your smartphone. You can walk together with them and capture great photos and videos. It supports multi-user AR on two or more devices.

dinosAR: uses augmented reality to bring moving, breathing dinosaurs to your phone. It has 12 types of dinosaurs available. You can use this app to record videos with them.

Dinosaur Paradise: another AR dinosaur app that lets you view life-size dinosaurs through your phone and include them in your photos and videos. You can control their movement, adjust the direction of lighting, and zoom easily.

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