West Bengal: 4 Immersive Animistic Dance Shows

West Bengal: 4 Immersive Animistic Dance Shows
July 2, 2017

Above: Mainly forest-based activity dwellers, the people of Rabha tribe in West Bengal traditionally practice a few animistic rituals. Dances and music play an important part in their lives.


For the first time this group experienced their music and dance expression merged with art technology, collaborating with Ivo Reis from Portugal. It was his first contact with local tribal communities of West Bengal.


Traditional live music syncs the interaction between worlds. Performers exhibit some dance forms while experiencing the immersive visuals in spatial delusion.


Below: The Bodos desire to experience something new. On the same page we gather together in forest for a special ceremony.

Below: another unique experience for everyone at Rajabhatkhawa, West Bengal state of India. An immersive audiovisual atmosphere created by Adivasi Tribe and Ivo Reis from Portugal.

Below: Khukuri immersive dance performance at Chenari Academy, Jaigaon West Bengal state of India. 

The event took place in Jaigaon, West Bengal state of India on February the 12th. An awareness seminar capture the people´s attention and confront them with a major problem, the illegal wildlife trade.

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