Watch Artists Create 3D Sculptures In Tilt Brush

Watch Artists Create 3D Sculptures In Tilt Brush
December 20, 2016

(CNN)Earlier this year Google unveiled a revolutionary new app, with the potential to transform creative process as we know it.


The Tilt Brush -- once loaded into a HTC Vive headset -- is a virtual reality painting application enabling users to sketch and create in an immersive studio space, selecting from a palette of colors, brush-types, and impossible materials such as ice and fire.


At this year's Design Miami fair, one of the most significant design gatherings on the international calendar, CNN Style invited a number of visionary talents from the fields of design, fashion, art and architecture to let their imaginations run wild with this ground-breaking technology.


While some opted to start with a blank canvas other designers wanted to experiment with the technology's more practical functions.

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