VR Artist Paints Amazing Mushroom Forests

VR Artist Paints Amazing Mushroom Forests
January 17, 2017

Impressionistic windows to painterly dreamworlds are LA-based visionary artist James R. Eads' specialty, but with a new tool he pulls viewers into his Van Gogh-inspiredimagination. On a whim, Eads began experimenting with Tiltbrush, VR's answer to Microsoft Paint, and began producing trees, waterfalls, mountains, and natural magic that envelops the viewer in a scintillating 3D world.


"Never before was I able to pick up a new medium so quickly," Eads tells The Creators Project. He recently teamed up with GIF artist The Glich to animate his cosmic artwork with the mesmerizing Redhawk effect, and Eads' Tiltbrush drawings have a similar heartbeat. One of the program's coolest features allows for lines to be infused with music, shimmering to the beat over time. "Music has always been the main proponent in inspiring my art, so it's exciting to be able to paint in three dimensions, and then take it a step further and bring the fourth dimension into the mix," he continues.


To fuel his exploration of the medium, which artists like Rachel RossinStuart Campbell,Glen Keane, and Dustin Yellin are already pioneering, Eads builds a multiverse he describes as "the gap between places." Over the course of six days, he laid the groundwork for seven gateways, each leading to a new universe. Eads teases the sights inside his interdimensional archipelago, including "a shimmering capsule that reminds you of fragility of the heart," "a singular black hole that expands your understanding of time and space," and a "fuzzy green sub portal" that lets you "dive into the collective unconscious." Tour these and more in a video premiering exclusively on The Creators Project below.


Since creating his seven-portal world, Eads has continued to experiment with Tiltbrush and posts the results on Instagram. There are Tiltbrush versions of his original work, as well as mushroom forests, floating islands, and stunning otherworldly architecture.

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