Visit Utrillo's Studio In VR, And Be Blown Away

Visit Utrillo's Studio In VR, And Be Blown Away

Art Of Corner announced today the release of the VR application “Artist's Studio Utrillo Valadon in Montmartre, Paris”, in co-production with Arforia and “Musée de Montmartre” on the VIVEPORT download platform for free (watch the trailer below):

The visit of Utrillo's studio is an otherworldly experience produced in photogrammetry. It was presented during the launch of VRrOOm's first Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality VR center in Béziers (France) two weeks ago, mesmerizing the audience thanks to its unprecedented graphic quality and level of details.


The visit lets the audience tour Utrillo's Montmartre studio at will, making it possible to scrutinize every centimeter of the artist's work environment. Being able to wander around the studio and stand millimeters from Utrillo's paintings and enjoy every detail of the brush strokes was described by many as the best museum experience they ever had. 


I personally could have stayed there forever, virtually walking towards the large windows and taking a look at the gardens beneath, or getting close to a vase to contemplate everlasting flowers: the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful light made me feel like I was transported to some place that had always been there and would never cease to exist.


The feeling of 'presence', which can only be delivered by the greatest VR experiences, was so powerful that I felt I totally belonged to that place. This incredible VR experience is a timeless art piece itself.


Written by Louis Cacciuttolo, VRrOOm's CEO.

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