Virtual Reality Reinvents Art At Artlink

Virtual Reality Reinvents Art At Artlink
June 16, 2017

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Virtual reality is painting a new type of picture at Artlink in downtown Fort Wayne. The technology is the first open virtual reality creative space in northeast Indiana and changes the way art is created and viewed.


Two sensors create a virtual workspace for the artist to create in. The artist then holds two wands that effectively act as as a palette and brush. 3-D HTC VIVE goggles are worn to fully immerse the artist in an environment that they can create. The technology uses Google Tilt Brush software to allow artists to see horizons, shadows, highlights, and perspectives like never before. And through the internet, this art can be shared with anyone in the world who uses the goggles and software.


Theoplis Smith III, a local artist, says this technology is important for Fort Wayne:


“We are shaping a culture in Fort Wayne. The biggest avenue is always being able to push the envelope more, push technology more, push those that may not even be exposed to art – put them in the arena where they’re able to see what artists do, understand where we come from, and also for the other artists to be able to challenge us to grow…”


Matt McClure, Executive Director of Artlink, says this technology was made possible through a partnership with Arts United and other donations. He says one of the best things about the virtual reality creative space is that it is open to the public:


“Having this technology in Fort Wayne gives people who would otherwise not have access to it open access to it. This is Artlink – as an organization who represents the individual artists in this community – to say everyone come on in and play and create.”


Artlink is located at 300 East Main Street in downtown Fort Wayne. Summer hours for the virtual reality creative space will be limited and will vary. You can find those hours on the Artlink website and Facebook page. Time is booked in 30-minute increments. The cost is $5 per half-hour for Artlink members, $10 for non-members. This technology is for ages 12 and up. Click here for more information.

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