Virtual Reality Installations Redefine Storytelling

Virtual Reality Installations Redefine Storytelling
April 2, 2018

Find your place in the world by seeing it from different perspectives.


MONTREAL.- Discover the universe at a non-human scale and gain new insights on space travel, climate change and mass migration. 

Find your place in the world by seeing it from different perspectives. Feel small, feel big, feel connected in Particles of Existence, an exhibition taking place at the Phi Centre from March 27 to August 12, 2018, featuring works by Laurie Anderson, the British collective Marshmallow Laser Feast, Ubisoft Montréal, Chris Milk, Felix & Paul Studios, and a world premiere produced by the NFB, among others. 


Most of us have looked up at the night sky, imagined the unknown and tried to give meaning to life on earth. Science and technology have brought us closer to understanding the mysteries of the cosmos, and now through new media and virtual reality, visitors to Particles of Existence are plunged into the invisible realms of life.



From the inner workings of a sequoia tree to the birth of a star, the exhibition invites visitors to experience life at a non-human scale and gain new perspectives on the biggest questions of today. Through the powers of storytelling, Particles of Existence alternates between the personal and the universal to shed new light on climate change, mass migration, and women’s empowerment. 


“Phi is excited to offer visitors a new take on the universe and hopefully inspire positive change in the world,” says Phi Founder and Director Phoebe Greenberg. “Storytelling no longer follows a predetermined path. Narrative now responds to users’ inputs. Our behaviour influences the story, just like the greatest story of them all, life itself.” 

The experiences 

Particles of Existence brings together the latest virtual installations and immersive experiences, including Chalkroom (by Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huang), presented as a Canadian premiere, Treehugger: Wawona (by Marshmallow Laser Feast) and Cosmic Sleep (by Frederik Duerinck), presented as a Canadian premiere. The programming also features: Chorus (by Tyler Hurd, produced by Chris Milk and Megan Ellison with music by Justice), presented as a Canadian premiere, Discovery Tour by Assassin's Creed: Ancient Egypt (by Ubisoft Montréal), The Sun Ladies (by Christian Stephen and Celine Tricart, produced by Maria Bello and Celine Tricart), another Canadian premiere, Roxham (by Michel Huneault, with Maude Thibodeau and Chantal Dumas, produced by NFB, in collaboration with Le Devoir and Phi), presented as a world premiere, and many other immersive artworks. 


Phi: at the forefront of the avant-garde 

Particles of Existence follows Lucid Realities, the third instalment of the Sensory Stories exhibition, which ended in last December at the Phi Centre. The success achieved by Lucid Realities has established the Phi Centre more than ever as a key player and a major artistic hub, both in Montreal and on the international scene. The positioning of the Phi Centre, at the intersection of the arts and new technologies, allows artists and visitors to celebrate, explore and elevate both new forms of storytelling and new media. Above all, it contributes to make Montreal shine as a metropolis of innovation.

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