Try To Stay Alive In Hollow Hotel Horror Play

Try To Stay Alive In Hollow Hotel Horror Play
April 17, 2018
Credit: differencEngine


If spending £40 to be thrust headlong into a terrifying labyrinth riddled with booby traps and have someone pretend to murder you sounds like your idea of a laugh then you may want to get your credit card at the ready for this one.


The Hollow Hotel has been designed to give guests an authentic replication of how notorious 19th-century serial killer H.H. Holmes murdered his victims.


Herman Webster Mudgett, the real name of Dr H.H. Holmes, became one of the first documented serial killers of modern times and is famous for having ensnared his victims in a terrifying hotel designed with murder in mind.


The building was nicknamed Murder Castle and was filled with windowless rooms, stairways that led to nowhere and hallways with dead ends.


The vast majority of those who 'checked in' never left.

Credit: differenceEngine


Now you can experience the horror for yourself at The Hollow Hotel which has been set up at The Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, London.


It's the work of immersive theatre group differencEngine, a company that has made a name for itself by creating some of the most exciting interactive experiences around.


In the past, differenceEngine organised Heist an experience in which guests had to move undercover across six floors of security challenges to break into a sealed room.


Now the group has turned its attention to the crimes of H.H. Holmes.


On its website, differencEngine says: "If you listen to the whispers in its winding corridors, you might lose yourself as each turn entices you to delve further in; until you can't turn back.


"Journey through a maze of hidden passageways that will either lay you to rest, or lead you further into the hotel's dark heart.


"Uncover the hotel's intricate histories, dark secrets and hidden agendas - whoever built The Hollow Hotel built a literal death trap; designed just for you."

But don't worry, you won't really be murdered. That would be a bit of a waste of 40 quid.


Instead, the objective is to survive whatever the evening throws at you as best you can, escaping a series of rooms while trying to figure out who the killer is.


If that sounds good, you can head over to the differencEngine website and reserve your tickets for the event.

The Hollow Hotel will be running previews between April 9-14 before the real action starts on April 17.


Tickets cost around £43 but you'll have to act fast if you want to ensure you don't miss the action.

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