See Chloe Through An AR Lens In Melbourne

See Chloe Through An AR Lens In Melbourne
August 16, 2019
Chloe in the Young and Jackson pub is part of Metro Tunnel's Augmented Reality Art Walk.CREDIT:EDDIE JIM


Victorians will soon be able to see parts of Melbourne's CBD through a new lens – literally – as the Metro Tunnel Project launches its new augmented reality art walk.


As part of the Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk, 14 artworks, some new and some old favourites, will be animated with virtual reality technology so that they move when seen through a phone or iPad.


In one work, bright triangles waltz across a psychedelic background. Just down the street, roses sprout from the skin of a green alien figure with human hands.


Chloe, the famed nude portrait that has graced the walls of the Young and Jackson pub on Flinders Street since 1909,  is also part of the project. Images of envelopes containing love letters from soldiers float around Chloe, when viewed through a phone screen.


The works are located around the Metro Tunnel construction site – scattered on street corners, at the bottom of laneways and in stores, in the area between Flinders, Collins, Elizabeth and Swanston streets.


The art walk comes as small businesses in the CBD worry about impact of the prolonged disruption, and McDonalds takes court action over having to close its Swanston Street store due to the Metro Tunnel construction.


Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley encouraged visitors to "come for the art and stay for the retail experience".


"Dirty great sheds aren’t the most attractive of infrastructure opportunities, but what we have to do is make sure that we keep people coming to town," he said.


"It will take us to 2025 to get [the Metro Tunnel] up and running; we want to make sure we keep the city vibrant and interesting while that's happening."


He declined to divulge the cost of the art walk but said, "it's well and truly within the budgets that both the creative team and infrastructure team of Metro Tunnel have at their disposal".


Visitors will need to download the EyeJack app onto their phone or iPad, find the Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk listing and hit the launch button. They will then be able to point their device's camera at any of the artworks to see them come to life.


The exhibition will run from August 14 to September 14.

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