Samskara: Android Jones Immersive Experience

Samskara: Android Jones Immersive Experience
January 17, 2017

Android Jones EYE-REZ 360 Immersive Projection Experience... filmed at Symbiosis Gathering 2016


Samskara the film is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Jones’ work is a beautiful mesh of fractals, pixels, and digital bits that form together to create Eastern-inspired art. Working with his team, he was able to transpose it into the 3D world, and without even having to put on a head set, you’re able to experience his world and his mind from the comforts of a bean bag and staring up into the unending universe provided by the 360 Dome.


Explore the works of some of the most progressive visionary artists in the world. Experience an art immersion in one of the most advanced 360 degree domes in the world, a gallery featuring a multiplicity of mediums, and live painting.

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