This Ring Of Mirrors In Shanghai Distorts Reality

This Ring Of Mirrors In Shanghai Distorts Reality
July 24, 2017

French artist arnaud lapierre and creative studio UAP have unveiled the mirror-clad ‘ring – chain’ installation in Shanghai, China. 


As the artist’s first permanent artwork in the asian country, the public sculpture creates a dynamic and interactive atmosphere in the hall of the moon, ruihong tiandi – a landmark commercial development in the city. made from large reflective bricks, visitors are able enter the enclosed cylindrical form through a doorway, where, when inside, they can see their own reflection to infinity.



‘ring – chain’ is a simple but strong installation,‘ said artist Arnaud Lapierre. ‘the repetition of a cubic mirrors modifies the perception of the place and allows visitors to experience new ways of looking at the space that surrounds them. the facets of each cube reflect the environment and reconstruct an abstract paradigm that breaks our everyday perception. this is a special moment of rediscovery.’


The immersive installation by arnaud lapierre and UAP produces a unique and surreal experience for each person. The concept of the art purposes the mirrored surfaces as a new paradigm from its urban surroundings and enables spatial rediscovery for visitors. the ‘ring – chain’ project follows that of the ‘ring’ at place Vendôme, Paris, in collaboration with AUDI.

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