Real Places Turned Virtual In Photogrammetry

Real Places Turned Virtual In Photogrammetry
January 25, 2017

Bad Munky has been a big VR Evangelist for some time and also been interested in photogrammetry for use in VR.

The challenge was to refine a workflow to be able to pick up and camera and be standing in a virtual creation of that place in 24 hours of work (including processing/rendering time). These models were only mean't for quick viewings to give an idea of space and layout, to create a perfect rendition would take quite a bit more time! All footage for the three examples was captured in the HTC VIVE so apologies for the head wobbles!

All three examples are available for you to try in your won HTC VIVE from the links below:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:


fast day/night cycle:


Urban interiors are notoriously difficult to capture with photogrammetry due to the following being recommended by all tutorials and manuals out there:

1) Avoid flat surfaces and those without textures - that will be walls, ceilings, floors and some doors then...

2) Avoid transparent surfaces - like windows?

3) Avoid reflective surfaces - just look around at how many items in the home reflect or react to light!

...but I think they came out ok in the short amount of time.

Many thanks for taking the time to watch the video and also trying it out if you are lucky enough to have a Vive!

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