Picasso's Tallest Unbuilt Sculpture Will Be Built In VR

Picasso's Tallest Unbuilt Sculpture Will Be Built In VR
March 8, 2018
Computer visualizations of the Art and Visitor Center with “The Bust of a Woman”. Image:  © K. Oles, CVAST.


Envisioned to reach a height of 100 feet, the piece, titled “Bust of a Woman,” was approved to tower over the campus of the University of South Florida (USF), with its single cutout eye gazing blankly at its surroundings. The project — which also involved construction of a new art center — had an estimated cost of $10 million, however, and university officials ended up killing it due to lack of funding. Picasso passed away in 1973, and his angular, hard-edged figure never came to fruition. — hyperallergic.com


Originally designed for a museum in Sweden, Picasso's "Bust of a Woman" was donated to USF in 1971 and would have been the tallest concrete sculpture in the world at that time. 

Visualization of Paul Rudolph’s building with Picasso’s sculpture. Image: © USF Special Collection Library.


He agreed to donate the project, which would have been located next to Paul Rudolph's brutalist building on campus. Currently, researchers at the school’s Center for Virtualization and Applied Spatial Technologies are working to recreate the 100-foot-tall sculpture in virtual reality.

Photomontage of Picasso's "The Bust of a Woman" at the USF campus, by Carl Nesjar in 1971. Image:  ©USF Special Collections Library.


The completed VR program will enable users to digitally walk through the 1970's version of USF's campus and experience Picasso's monumental sculpture in context. 

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