Parking Lot Becomes An Anamorphic Painting

Parking Lot Becomes An Anamorphic Painting
June 29, 2017

Within a parking lot in the saint-gervais mont blanc region of france, argentinian artist elian chali has interpreted the architecture of the site as an immersive spatial painting. the installation engages visitors through bold geometries and a striking color palette. ‘using painting for sculptural purposes’ encompasses the walls and floor of the entire facility, and changes based on the viewers perspective. ‘this artwork, which uses basic geometry and primary colors, makes use of the architectural factors where it inhabits,’ chali describes. ‘each element adopts a new function and the space becomes a huge sculpture.’


Presented by 2KM3 contemporary art platform and curated by hugues chevallier and zoer, chali’s anamorphic artwork becomes a seemingly multi-dimensional object when viewed from a particular point in the parking garage. red, blue, and yellow hues intersect to achieve a dynamic colorscape of overlapping geometries which appear to emerge from the walls. ‘the relationship with the environment is not easy to achieve,’ chali continues, ‘therefore, the painting will invade everything that you find in your way in order to offer users of the parking lot the possibility to breathe inside of a work of art. I find it interesting that a person in his usual routine becomes a spectator/user of a work of art. I think it is an unexpected encounter with creativity.’

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