New York: Glass Portals Unveil Secret Life Of Nature

New York: Glass Portals Unveil Secret Life Of Nature

All images courtesy the artist and C24 Gallery


An amalgam of slick, kaleidoscopic video stills glide past like a projection of psychedelic microscope slides. A woman’s face smirks playfully from one image, her face peering out with its human features, while her body sports the yellow and black pattern of a bee. Visual artist, Katja Loher, creates video sculptures, which she calls “videobubbles” that play off themes of mysticism and natural beauty. At C24 Gallery in New York, the Swiss artist’ videos and installations are replete with immersive imagery and sound. Contained in tight, bright circular projections and glassy protrusions, Loher’s works are playful as they reverberate with a blissful back-noise. The exhibit VUELA VUELA, takes its name from a song sung by the Peruvian Ashanika healers; in its message, it speaks of a link between Earth and the universe.


The natural element of Loher’s otherworldly works’ are a constant theme in her quirky, transparent installations. Loher’s intrinsic connection with nature easily transcends her needs for technology. She shares with The Creators Project, “I try to free video from technology, because I see art as a language and technology is only something elementary. Beauty is omnipresent in my works, as the essence of life sustaining processes supporting our planet.”

“My creations urge my viewers to shrink down to the level of insects, not only to empathize with these tiny but monumentally important creatures, which are vanishing at an alarming rate, but also to better comprehend the disastrous situation in which we are placing ourselves,” she says.


Loher’s strong perspective in her creativity is a unique escapism for her viewers. She continues, “Through my work I want to stimulate dreams, experimentation, imagination and humor and reveal perspectives that we all too often lack in everyday life.”

VUELA VUELA exhibits at C24 Gallery in New York from November 11–December 23, 2016. Learn more about the show, here

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