My First VR Tour With A Trained Egyptologist

My First VR Tour With A Trained Egyptologist
March 17, 2019

Today, I participated to Nefertari’s Tomb Experience in Virtual Reality 

(waiting that the tour starts... letting the guide introducing herself)

This VR rendering of the tomb is like going back in time to ancien Egypt. The guide is dynamic and the group is respectful

Egyptian queen Nefertari had an extraordinary life; it’s drawn in hieroglyphics in her tomb. I feel lucky to see it.

The Nefertari’s Tomb Experience in VR is a rare (and free) chance to tour this beautiful place with a trained Egyptologist. She talked about ancient traditions, the meaning of hieroglyphics, mummification processes, and much more. 

And I did it from home!

I visited a lot of historic sites in VR, but I've never had a chance to have a tour in real time. It was awesome. It shows how VR can open new doors for educational purposes.

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