Morphogenesis Links Digital And Physical Worlds

Morphogenesis Links Digital And Physical Worlds
March 21, 2017
Signal Light Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, photo by Jan Knot.


The project is the brainchild of Can Buyukberber, a visual artist who uses immersive audio-visual experiences to explore non-linear narratives, and Yagmur Uyanik, a sound artist and architect who uses technology to create new spatial sensations. Billed as a tour through the digital and physical universes, the two San Francisco-based artists and Fulbright scholars have created an audiovisual odyssey that would make even Homer jealous.


Morphogenesis is shown as a full-dome and virtual reality work. Check out the trailer...

From the architects:


An otherworldly odyssey that blew people's mind all around the world in media art festivals and art galleries. Morphogenesis is a VR experience inspired by the phenomenon of emergence in self-organized systems. Created by two independent artists and Fulbright Scholars based in San Francisco, it is an audiovisual journey through different planes of the digital and physical universe.

Special 8K screening at MUSE Event Series, The Village, San Francisco


Morphogenesis (from the Greek morphê ‘’shape'' and genesis “creation”; literally, "beginning of the shape") is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. As a full-dome and virtual reality piece, Morphogenesis consists of continuous transformation of fundamental geometrical patterns and uses them as the building blocks of immersive spaces.An otherworldly odyssey that blew people's mind all around the world in media art festivals and art galleries.Morphogenesis embodies the systems producing the complexity we encounter in the living world. As the common characteristics of emergence that can be perceived universally, the audiovisual experience intends to emphasize the systemic interconnectedness over space and time of all natural dynamics and how these dynamics result to create novelty in micro and macro scales. Exploring the idea of geomorphology, mathematics and understanding the world, Morphogenesis requires audience to be sentient, not just receivers. It invites the viewer to a poetic and sensational world, where space becomes infinite, a primal sense of immaterial world is experienced, and the process of creation is reevaluated.

Left, Murphy Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition at SOMArts, San Francisco. Right, "Subsequence" Group Exhibition at Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco photo by Marco David.

Exhibiting Morphogenesis in different places around the world, different display formats and spatial settings allowed us to meet many brilliant individuals from numerous fields and opened up inspiring dialogues on the topics of motion and space, immersion and invisibility, mythicality and symbolic expressions, and the future of human perception. We have experimented with the same audiovisual content in different mediums such as projection-mapped prints, VR and dome, so it was able to travel around the world in different art and technology festivals and galleries. Using a new technology and virtual space for artistic expression and experience was a huge uncharted territory. Leveraging the unrestrained nature of virtual reality, we aimed to create a new set of visual and audial vocabulary for a such a new and unique medium which is yet to come. We received great, positive feedback from a very diverse community, since currently in this medium there is so few artistic projects and there is a lot of free space for novelty.

The night of June 3rd, Immersion Experience Symposium 2016, Montreal, Canada. Premiere of "Morphogenesis" at SAT's dome "Satosphere," the very first immersive modular theatre, dedicated to artistic creation. photo by
Visual content details from 8K wide screening.

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