MoMa's AR App Brings Works Of Art To Life

MoMa's AR App Brings Works Of Art To Life
March 11, 2018

A non-profit artist group developed an AR app that allows the public to interact with Jackson Pollock's paintings.


From now through May 3, visitors to New York City’s Museum of Modern Art  will have access to interactive augmented reality options when viewing Jackson Pollock’s paintings as part of an indie projectcalled ‘Hello, we’re from the internet.’ Viewers can download a mobile app (currently Android only) from non-profit collective MoMAR, an “unauthorized gallery concept” whose goal is to democratize art by permitting people to virtually alter canonized works that otherwise would remain static.


The app uses Vuforia image recognition to let users scan Pollock’s work and then experience the virtual 3D add-ons of eight MoMAR artists drawn over the real-life paintings. While until now the art world has not been keen to integrate AR, perhaps this activation in a high-profile museum will spark an interest in MoMAR’s purpose: for the public to reclaim its right as creators, not just passive viewers of art.

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