MoMAR App Brings Jackson Pollock Works To Life

MoMAR App Brings Jackson Pollock Works To Life
April 5, 2019
Image credit: MoMAR


Numerous art galleries are leveraging augmented reality to deepen engagement among its views, and the latest gallery to undergo this tech transformation is MoMA, with a new initiative entitled MoMAR. 


With the help of an app, art gallery go-ers can engage with Jackson Pollock's paintings in new and exciting ways. The app features the work of eight different MoMAR artists, who draw over the original works to create moving 3D re-creations. According to the brand, this move hopes to deepen engagement among gallery visitors, through bringing a new life to an otherwise static image. 


MoMAR's main intention is to bring more interaction to the people, encouraging them to think, as appose to being passive on-lookers. 

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