Meow Wolf's Art Brings Tactile Function Into VR

Meow Wolf's Art Brings Tactile Function Into VR
January 22, 2017

Meow Wolf is an art collective in Santa Fe, New Mexico that creates massive, immersive art installations.  Meow Wolf is currently integrating Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality into The House of Eternal Return, a permanent installation in Santa Fe.

Here's a brief transcript of their intro trailer: 

"People have described our installations as, "movies that you can walk around in." That is what people love about what we do. It is a true first person experience. 


One of the things that is unique about Meow Wolf in terms of its art experience is its tactile nature. We want to bring that same tactile function into virtual reality. 


One of Meow Wolf's main objectives is collaboration, so we would like for virtual reality and our mode of implementing it to be as inclusive as possible. So, we are in the process of developing a work flow that allows for everyone regardless of their technical aptitudes to be able to use the technology.


We are very much looking forward to having a platform that utilizes real space. One that doesn't break up the space you are in but in fact enhances it.

The way that we ended up building the expedition is that all of our tech and sensors lights and controllers are all on a local area network so that they can all talk to each other. And that makes it really easy to start integrating the virtual reality and augmented reality pieces. So, that somebody who might be in AR with a headset could effect something that would then translate into a physical response for visitors in the space who aren't also in Augmented reality and vice versa."

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