Kunstmuseum Stuttgart Hosts 'Mixed Realities'

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart Hosts 'Mixed Realities'
July 8, 2018
“Here We Are (Still),” 2018 The Swan Collective, Stereoscopic 360°-animation, 4K, 4 min., Loop,
(© The Swan Collective)


Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is hosting “Mixed Realities: Virtual and Real Worlds in Art.” The show that started on May 5 will be on view through August 26.


The exhibition looks at the possible applications of digital strategies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in art. “It aims to introduce it to an intergenerational audience and starting a dialogue about them. The display takes into account the viewer’s diverse dealings with new media,” the museum says.


The show presents six exemplary positions that, rather than operating exclusively with digital processes, engage them to forge a link with traditional analog media, such as painting and sculpture,” the museum says. Using new formats of illusionistic image-making, artists such as Tim BerresheimSpiros Hadjidjanos, Daniel Steegmann Mangrane, Melodie Mousset, Regina Silveira, and The Swan Collective highlight their aesthetic and artistic implications.


The idea fundamental to visual arts is the generation of a three-dimensional image both on the two-dimensional picture surface and spatial, sculptural objects. “For centuries, the most important means for this was the use of light and shadow in rendering depth-perspective scenes and illusionistic spatiality,” the museum writes. “These methods of impact-oriented extensions of reality were given a theoretical basis with the concept of ‘mimesis,’ which still remains a central theory of representation today. This term encapsulates the conditions and modes of similarity, resemblance, and representation that are the starting points of every artistic creation,” the museum says.


Artistic image production since its beginning has aimed to challenge the boundaries of perception and immerse viewers in otherworldly realities. According to the museum, “the artists featured in the exhibition investigate how the different real and virtual forms of expressive influence, correspond to and extend one another. The term “Mixed Realities” highlights the show’s thesis that digital and analog worlds do not exist parallel to one another or are opposites but they represent a continuum. They can even supplement or enrich each other and share a dynamic relationship of constant exchange.”


“Mixed Realities” runs from May 5 through August 26, 2018, at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Kleiner Schloßplatz 1, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany.


For details, visit: http://www.blouinartinfo.com/galleryguide/kunstmuseum-stuttgart/overview


Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.



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