Inside The World's Largest Drawing

Inside The World's Largest Drawing
April 15, 2018
all images courtesy of oscar oiwa studio, NY


The simplest of materials — 120 black markers and a 10 x 7 x 4 white vinyl surface— oscar oiwa created a paradise. the immersive drawing is a part of oscar’s solo exhibition at japan house são paulo, on paulista avenue, são paulo city.


oiwa’s exhibition,‘oscar oiwa in paradise — drawing the ephemeral,’ surrounds viewers in a beautiful cave of contrast. inside this paradise, shades, tints, swirls and other rudimentary techniques are realized to their fullest potentials. the grayscale garden bleeds together like a giant water color painting and fits right in at japan house são paulo — a venue that prides itself in framing traditional japanese culture in modern contexts. japan house são paulo invites viewers to get lost in this delightful experience from now until june 3, 2018.

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