Gallery Showcases Exclusively AI-Generated Art

Gallery Showcases Exclusively AI-Generated Art
March 30, 2019

AI-generated art is the theme of an exhibit in India's leading gallery space, Nature Morte. Situated in New Delhi and dedicated to promoting contemporary works, the institution arrives at the crux of technology and creativity with this immersive exhibition. 


The event is titled 'Gradient Descent' and it features computer-made work from seven contemporary artists. Essentially, the event explores the merit of technology with regard to creative industries and institutions. The AI-generated art does not only prompt new ways of experiencing but it also contributes to a new wave of curatorial direction. 


The digitized approach to creative thought is not meant to envision a dehumanized art world — the emotive component is far too important to creative expression. Rather, the intent behind the AI-generated art is "to stay with the times and ahead of the times."

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