'FLOW': Representing Nature With Real Time Data

'FLOW': Representing Nature With Real Time Data
November 8, 2016

Montreal based digital artist Mathieu Le Sourd AKA Maotik has designed an immersive, interactive installation of real time data inspired by the ocean waves. Entitled FLOW, the multimedia environment offers a poetic and playful sensory experience that mimics the aesthetic principles of the rise and fall of sea levels by representing data influenced by temperature, humidity, audience positioning and the pull of the moon.

The installation was specially designed for the ‘deep space’ 8K media display at the ars electronica festival in linz, austria. Using 8 different 1080p HD active stereo-capable barco galaxy NH12 projectors, ‘deep space’ projects 16×9 meter images onto the wall and floor of the ars electronica center, creating a visceral and inhabitable visual realm. Maotik’s FLOW makes use of this technology to create an intelligent data environment where various forms of information can be expressed in a dynamic representation that enhances the viewer’s perception of physical space

Scanners track the position of the audience.

Dictated by nature’s processes, each of the installation’s states becomes unique and inimitable.

Synchronized with the moon, the ‘sea’ levels change gradually to create an environment offering varying degrees of immersion. The project attempts to envelop the audience in a virtual universe abstract enough to accommodate daydreams, digital analysis and personal interpretation. All the content is designed and run in real time, in an ‘open form’ format that offers various combination options to the interpreter. The installation aims to create a system with a random creation process, governed by a range of settings defined by nature. Dictated by nature’s processes, each of the installation’s states becomes unique and inimitable. A responsive soundscape by audio artist lucas paris translates the visual aspect of flow into an aural entity, a sonic experience with its roots in natural phenomena.

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