Exploring 'Spyscape' Espionage Museum In NYC

Exploring 'Spyscape' Espionage Museum In NYC
February 28, 2019
This video was realized by XR Tech Evangelist Catherine D. Henry for VRrOOm


Catherine Henry's video series on branded immersive experiences continues with Spyscape, a museum of espionage in NYC. The experience incorporates tech with traditional display.


Overall a very elegant experience it is nearly opposite the selfie shops by being too intense, serious, and not very much fun. Perhaps the 007 Bond show is better. Also, we love the idea of a spy novel book club meetup - wonderfully original way to build community! A summary follows:



- High quality, authentic spy museum experience

- Elegant display, floor plan

- Intelligent displays capture different types of espionage


Cons: Lengthy, cumbersome tests give too-generic results

- Low physical challenges

- Math tests, etc lack sufficient levity to be worth 2 hr test

- Low social sharing values

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