Enter The Hallucinatory World Of Meow Wolf

Enter The Hallucinatory World Of Meow Wolf
June 7, 2017

Somewhere along your personal journey of the universe’s space-time continuum, you stumble upon a mysterious Victorian house. You enter, with caution, as something puzzling has happened to the family who once lived there. Navigating the dizzying portals of this multi-dimensional, kaleidoscopic wonderland, you discover clues that will uncover an imaginative narrative.


Whoa, are you on acid? You are at Meow Wolf.


Opened in March of 2016, Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf is part jungle gym, part haunted house, part children’s museum, and part immersive art exhibit. The attraction, located on 2.6 acres in a former bowling alley, was funded by renowned fantasy writer and Game of Thrones author George RR Martin. It took just under two years for the 135 participating artists to create Meow Wolf’s mind-altering magnum opus, the 20,000 sq. foot explorable wonderland “House of Eternal Return.” 


There is no map of or guide to the museum. Once you enter its front door, you must let your imagination take the reigns. The building contains seventy unique and immersive spaces, with an intended one-hundred hours of unique, non-linear discoverability of the home’s backstory. Take a look at some photos from the exhibit below, which features caves that uncover a mammoth skeleton, multiple treehouses, a secret fridge portal, playable laser harp, and a trippy 400-capacity music venue. Meow Wolf is located at 1352 Rufina Cir. Santa Fe, NM.

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